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Ride & handling: Racy and comfortable

The Cento1SR's enormous down tube and chain stays back up their visual brawn with plenty of bite. Standing up on the pedals returns a stout and solid foundation beneath you, power transfer feels immensely efficient, and there's simply no sensation of wasted energy.

We've ridden plenty of stiff and efficient bikes, however. What's far more impressive is how Wilier has managed to pair that rigidity with a surprisingly smooth and comfortable ride quality. Road buzz is well damped, with even nasty chip seal barely disrupting the frame's silky glide across the pavement. Even so, the Cento1SR still isn't blandly isolating, either, with plenty of useful information coming up through the bar and excellent road feel.

Even more unusually for such a healthily proportioned frame, bigger hits are well controlled, with the resilient frame taking the harsh edge off and staying pleasantly lively throughout. There's no unnervingly hollow sound when you're rolling along, either, as we've occasionally noted on some other big-tubed carbon bikes.

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