About us


Since 2009, Potenza Cycle & Fitness has been the go-to place for cycling enthusiasts in and around the city of Vaughan.

Offering a unique blend of expertise and fantastic customer service, we stand out from the crowd through the sheer passion and enthusiasm for what we do. For your indoor and outdoor cycling needs, there is simply no other destination. For over ten years, Potenza has aimed to get everyone into cycling because we know the incredible benefits that cycling can offer.

Regardless of ability or age, cycling is a thrilling sport and hobby that can help you lose weight and stay fit. With years of experience in the saddle and minds full of knowledge, our team can guide you through every aspect of your cycling needs; from fitting to a personalized training regime. Whatever you need, Potenza is by your side.

Here, we offer some of the best quality bicycles on the market to suit your requirements. Years of research and tweaks have crafted the bikes we sell into thoroughbred machines that perform at the top of their class. Trusted household names, these brands won’t let you down.