Motorex, Bike Clean

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MOTOREX BIKE CLEAN is a rapid action cleaner which is rapidly biodegradable and solvent-free. Its
special active ingredients quickly and thoroughly dissolve even stubborn, dried-on dirt and are particularly effective in removing oil and grease residues. The formulation contains active substances, which strengthen the cleaning effects and penetrate dirt, soften it and loosen it from the bike frame.


For cleaning dirty bicycles and mopeds as well as the associated equipment - particularly after off-road riding or bad weather.


• rapidly biodegradable
• neither corrosive nor toxic
• does not contain any solvents or other volatile organic matter (VOC free)
• very good materials compatibility
• only very small amounts are required
• can be diluted with water (max. 1:2)
• optimum adhesion
• carbon tested


Spray the bicycle with the biodegradable cleaner and –depending on how dirty it is– allow to act for three to five minutes (avoid exposure to direct sunlight). After BIKE CLEAN has had sufficient time to act, wash the bicycle with plenty of water using a hose with a fine spray (from a distance of at least 20 cm). Do not point the spray directly at the bearings and axles.


We strongly advise against using a high-pressure cleaner. As soon as the chain and derailleur are dry, re-lubricate them to prevent corrosion. Do not use in the sun.
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