Firstly, we shall focus on what we do, which is key for us. We design and produce bicycle tubular tires. Especially, we are a small Italian company specialised in making racing tubulars and bicycle tires for competition and training. All our tubulars (both traditional and ‘open’ tubular tires, also known as clincher tires) are made by hand in our laboratory in Presezzo (in the province of Bergamo) and produced one by one through artisan processes.
The name of our company also represents the story of our products and our production: Vélo (which stands for bicycle as well as going cycling in French) + flexible (that is being flexible and suitable for adapting to bends and edges without breaking, in English) = bicycle tubulars and tires for any competitions and road surface.

Passion, technology, expertise, know-how and continuous research: this is Veloflex and what you can find in our products.