Vee Rubber

Vee Rubber was formed in 1977 as a manufacturer of bicycle and motorcycle tires and tubes, by CEO Vitorn Sukanjanapong. Its sales quickly spread throughout Asia, Western Europe, USA, Canada, the Latin American countries, and other corners of the world. Vee Rubber has more than 10 branches situated all over the world, now employing in excess of 4000 people. Vee Rubber has also invested more than 100 million US dollars in its domestic market. Recognition of Vee Rubber’s outstanding performance is evidenced by the 1995 and 1998 Prime Ministers Export Awards. In particular market segments, Vee Rubber Group is now known worldwide. Many customer brands also achieve recognition, although indirectly. The Group supplies to serveral Japanese motorcycle manufacturers for OEM and replacement sales.

The qroup is firmly committed to continuous development of its manufacturing efficiency and quality. Only selected raw materials that meet or exceed our extensive specifications and close scrutiny is paid during production to ensure a consistent quality standard. Vee Rubber’s manufacturing processes achieve ISO 9000 certification. Compound ingredients, tire design, and tread performance, as well as quality assurance are closely supervised by a team of engineers, with overseas and local experience, using modern computer controlled equipment. The Group headquarters is well situated in a convenient location in Bangkok, equipped with modern IT and telecommunication facilities, with focused teams geared towards fast and efficient communication with clients all over the world.