About Tacx

Tacx is an innovative company with great passion for sport and technique. This passion drives the organisation and can be seen in all departments; from purchasing to production and product development to logistics.

We develop innovative, high quality products that inspire you to push your limits



We have a history of inventing the future. We take up the greatest challenges and keep pushing limits of what is technically possible to create ground-breaking products with state-of-the-art designs. We were the first to connect computer electronics to bike trainers , in the year 2000, and introduce an entirely new way of training. In 2015 we develop the NEO Smart; the most accurate, realistic, powerful and silent trainer to date, thanks to a unique piece of trainer technology. Parallel to the development of the NEO we develop the Magnum: the first treadmill you can cycle on, enabling you to ride completely free and experience actual inclines indoors.



One of or main strength lies in the fact that practically everything is designed and manufactured in-house. Product ideas and optimizations are developed, tested and atomised rapidly. From design to moulds and final production, all is done under one roof. This enables us to guarantee high quality products.



To support the cycling sport, we are technical partner of many WorldTour teams, Pro-continental teams, Continental teams, Women teams, triathletes, ice-skaters, cyclocross and MTB teams. And partner with federations like the UCI. To make sure our products are what you are looking for, we develop them in cooperation with professional riders.