Since the early 2000s, PowerTap has been a part of the Saris family, helping athletes realize peak performance. As of April 11, 2019, SRAM acquired the PowerTap product line. SRAM respects the innovation PowerTap has brought to the power meter market, as well as the strong relationship many of riders have with this brand. The future of PowerTap is in great hands and we are honored to continue their legacy.

The Quarq® team at SRAM’s Spearfish location will champion PowerTap customers and the product line.   Quarq’s deep experience and market leadership in power meter engineering will be utilized to manufacture, support, and drive the future of PowerTap products.

“Way back in 2006 when I started Quarq, PowerTap was the dominant power meter solution. The accuracy and durability of PowerTap hubs were the standard of power meter performance and set a high bar for us to meet,” says Quarq founder Jim Meyer. “It’s very exciting to now bring PowerTap products into the SRAM/Quarq product family. The future product opportunities are enormous.”