ESI (Extreme Steering, Inc.) is located in Northern Arizona and we are proud to have all our products being made right here in the USA. Established in 1999, we have spent almost 20 years providing superior products for the bicycle industry.

Through new product development, ESI offers unique, high tech, quality products MADE in the USA followed with exceptional Customer Service! We are the original and ultimate 100% Silicone Grips chosen by champions!

Why ESI was Created: The Creation of the Stabilizer

ESI stands for Extreme Steering Incorporated. In 1991 Gary began developing a product known as the “Stabilizer”. This product would be used to help with speed and cornering stability for mountain bikes.Extreme Steering Inc officially became a company in 1999. The Patent for the Stabilizer was finalized in 2002. Although it is currently off the market for re-designing, you may see it again on the market!