Club Ride

In the spring of 2008, Founder Mike Herlinger had just finished another great ride on some of Sun Valley, Idaho’s epic, local singletrack. Basking in the post-ride afterglow, he realized he was running late and needed to get back to town to meet some friends at the local watering hole for a burger and some cold beers. Moment of decision: take the extra time to run home and change, or turn heads at the   restaurant in his Lycra kit. Opting for the wardrobe change, he arrived at home to ditch the Lycra and don more suitable attire. When he grabbed one of his well-loved, vintage Western shirts, he had an idea. “How cool would it be if I could just ride in this shirt?”
From that simple question, Club Ride was born and has been built on the conviction that cycling apparel can be both technical and stylish. Throughout that summer, designs were drawn, friends were consulted, and fabric was cut, sewn and re-sewn. Then the prototypes were tested on rugged mountain trails and 15-mile evening commutes (the fun part).