1st Endurance

First Endurance Canada was started in 2017 by Anita and Brent Ellis, two people who love sports, have a competitive spirit and continually push each other to be our best selves.

We both know what it takes, to push yourself, day after day, toward new accomplishments, the next PB or the finish line.  It doesn’t matter what your sport is: when you push your body beyond its limits, a good nutrition program is critical.  For many athletes, nutrition is the one thing standing between them and a new PR and is one of the hardest things to figure out.

Our own personal experience with poor nutrition is what lead us to First Endurance long before starting our business here in Canada. As long time, triathletes, marathon runners, 2X Ironman finisher and cyclists, nutrition has always been an issue.  Over the course of training for 2012 IMC Anita was constantly tweaking her nutrition; however, nothing was working and she was receiving conflicting advice everywhere she turned.  Salt tabs, no salt tabs, food or liquid nutrition, gel or chews and the list goes on.  Anita tried it all with one goal in mind, optimal performance.  In the final stages of training she knew her nutrition was still not where it should be but like many other athletes after months of hard training, you push through it. We can say with certainty, pushing through it was not the best solution!  On race day, she knew it was going to be a long day but had no idea how long.  Anita finished the race but her time was close to 4 hours longer than expected and she ended up in the hospital with severe dehydration, 20% kidney function and heart damage.  The root of the problem was her nutrition.    

This experience sent us on a quest for the best products that were easily tolerated and delivered maximum results.  We began training with EFS and for the first time there was no gastric distress, no cramping, no sweetness fatigue and we felt great.  First Endurance is a nutrition system that works from start to finish.

Our passion for sports lead us to First Endurance, a science-based, clinically tested, athlete proven nutrition system.  We are excited to represent Frist Endurance in Canada and look forward to introducing you to your new training partner.

- Brent and Anita Ellis